For Our OEM Partners

Components designed to maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Elevating Your Builds Above the Competition

By specializing in technologies applied to customer-specific environments, we are able to provide products that fit OEM needs with exacting precision while still offering innovative features that enhance the end customers’ experience. Our product expertise combined with local manufacturing and supported by a global supply network ensures high-performance products from a reliable supply network and a trusted and committed partner.

In the eyes of the aftermarket consumer, the Airxcel family of brands represents quality, expertise, and the best of the RV market. Our dedication to innovative products backed by unparalleled service and marketing support has built a wide-ranging consumer base loyal to our brands who value and are willing to pay for the quality and peace of mind that Airxcel products afford when RVing.

Find a complete portfolio of essential components for recreational vehicles in the combined offerings of our 14 different brands.