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Industrial Climate Engineering Enters the Industrial Market with their First Fully Certified Hazardous Duty Air Conditioning Unit.

Jun 28, 2017, 09:41 AM by Rob Jones
Industrial Climate Engineering (http://www.acice.com), a division of the Marvair Group, today announced the release of their new ICExp “EXNA” family of air conditioners certified for use in hazardous locations. This new line of HVAC wall mount products covers 28 models from 12,000 – 72,000 BTUH self-contained packages in single and 3 phase voltage for operation on 60 Hz and 50 Hz. power supplies.

All ICExp ENXA systems are fully certified by ETL, an internationally recognized independent test lab, for NEC Class 1, Div 2, Groups A, B, C and D, temp code T3 installations. The systems are very unique in that all electrical components are solid state and non-arcing, containing virtually no moving control parts to create a spark or wear out over time. ICExp EXNA systems use a NEMA 4 enclosure for the controls, eliminating the need for the typical bulky and difficult-to-service NEMA 7 enclosure. Because of their design, NEMA 7 enclosures are often not properly secured after servicing, thus compromising their integrity and defeating the purpose of that type of enclosure. By contrast, a NEMA 4 enclosure uses simple ¼ turn latches, which makes it easy to access and properly seal after servicing.

“Industrial clients have for years been required to use older and antiquated NEMA 7 explosion proof protection with intrinsically safe circuits or purged panels when it came to compressor and motor controls. We have responded by introducing a fully certified non-arcing solution that uses no NEMA 7 enclosures, no conduit or conduit seals, no intrinsically safe circuitry and no purged enclosures,” said Paul Mechler, President, Marvair Group.

Some additional ICExp EXNA  features are Class CC / J fuse protection, 200 kA SCCR on all unit, Increased safety main disconnects for unit control and heat control, solid state starters and non-arcing motor controls, industrial strength 24VDC control circuitry, power supply short circuit protected, Siemens PLC control for maximum flexibility, Ethernet / Profinet communications for industrial networks, Encapsulated phase monitor included with 3 phase systems, single Point Power Entry for unit power and heat power, long life LED indicators, no incandescent lighting, and Class 1, Division 2 HMI thermostats available with encapsulated temperature / humidity sensor.

For 60 years, Marvair, a division of Airxcel, Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning products for telecommunication enclosures, school classrooms, commercial, and industrial applications has been an industry leader. The Industrial Climate Engineering division was created to manufacture industrial and specialty climate control units. Among its seven operating divisions, RV Products, Wichita, KS; Industrial Climate Engineering, Cordele, GA; Suburban, Dayton, TN; Eubank, Cordele, GA; Dicor, Elkhart, IN; MCD Innovations, McKinney, TX; and Marvair, Cordele, GA with headquarters in Wichita, KS Airxcel, Inc. manufactures a variety of specialty HVAC equipment and related appliances for recreation vehicles, and other markets, which includes the well-known brands Coleman®-Mach®, Suburban, Marvair, Industrial Climate Engineering and Maxxair.