Range & Cooktop Questions

Is it necessary to preheat the oven when baking?
What can I use to clean my range?
Is there an optional broiler pan I can buy?
Can I remove the main top and grate for cleaning?
How can I change oven rack positions?
Can you remove the oven bottom for cleaning?
Where is the model serial number information plate located on my range?

Suburban IW60 Tankless/On Demand Water Heater

What are my options for outlet water temperature?
Can I replace my Suburban tank water heater with a Suburban IW60 Tankless/On Demand Water Heater?
Can I replace my Atwood style tank water heater with a Suburban IW60 Tankless/On Demand Water Heater?
Do I have to use a Replacement Panel?
What colors are offered for the outside replacement panel?
Does the Suburban IW60 Tankless/On Demand Water heater have any type of freeze protection?
Can I use my existing Suburban On/Off switch with the Suburban IW60?
Does the Suburban IW60 have an Electric Element (120 VAC)?
When winterizing, can I use RV antifreeze in my Suburban IW60?
Does the Suburban IW60 have an Anode Rod?
How do I clean my Suburban IW60?
How long is the warranty for my Suburban IW60?

Water Heater Questions

My pilot water heater needs to be replaced. What are my options?
Can I operate my water heater's electric element and gas burner at the same time?
I have an Atwood water heater in my RV. Can it be replaced with a Suburban?
Are all water heaters equipped with an Anode Rod? What is its function? When should it be changed?
Why does water drip from my water heater's pressure and temperature (P&T) relief valve?
I noticed an add-on electric element for my water heater. What will happen if I use it?
There is a bad odor coming from the hot water faucet. How can I correct this?
How do I drain my water heater?
Are there any tips for winterizing my water heater?
How do I get an owner's manual for my water heater?
What if I operate the water heater without water in the tank?
Can I replace a 10 gallon model with a 12 or 16 gallon model?


Video 01:  Anode Rod Function and Replacement

Video 02: Pressure Relief Valve Function

Video 03:  Bypass Valve Systems

Video 04:  Sediment Removal

Video 05:  Odor Elminiation

Furnace Questions

Can I repair my furnace myself?
If I have a product problem, how do I get service?
Where can I get parts for my furnace?
My service company/dealer has generic parts for my furnace that cost less. Are these parts OK?
Can I use my furnace while driving?
Is it safe to install a bug screen over my furnace vent?
My current furnace needs to be replaced. What BTUH size should I buy to replace it?
Is there any preventative maintenance required on furnaces?
Can I close off a register so more heat goes to another part of the vehicle?
What causes the majority of furnace problems?
My furnace runs, but it's just blowing cold air. What's wrong?