Park (P) Model Furnace

Exceptional, dependable high capacity heating.

The Suburban P-40 has the same cabinet size as the NT-SQ and NT-SEQ Series, but is equipped with 120-volt, long-life, heavy-duty AC motors and controls.

Offering a capacity of 40,000 BTU/h respectively, the P-40 is designed for use in recreational park trailers in permanent locations.

Enjoy quiet comfort you can count on.


2456A P-40 Furnace
  • Gasket-sealed vent assembly
  • Energy-saving solid state electronic ignition
  • Steel gas manifold
  • Sealed forced-draft combustion
  • Stainless Steel vent cap
  • Wall thermostat
Model Number    P-40
BTUH Input     40,000
Height             12 1/2"
Width                 12"
Depth                 23"
Voltage           120 VAC
Amp. Draw         1.5
Ship Wt.          46 lbs.
z Unit Wt.       42 lbs.
Duct Outlet Size
Sides/Bottom 4" Round
Bottom         10" x 3 1/4"