Maintenance Questions

What type of maintenance does my RV air conditioner require and how often should I perform it?
Do I need to check or add refrigerant to my air conditioner periodically?
How often can I expect to have my air conditioner serviced?
What size/how many BTU's is my air conditioner?

Electrical Questions

What is the proper operating voltage for a domestic RV air conditioner?
How much electrical power (amps/watts) does my air conditioner use? What size generator do I need?
The circuit breakers in my RV have been tripping while my air conditioner is in use. What could be the problem?
What about extension cords?

Cooling Questions

Does the refrigerant in my air conditioner need to be changed?
What temperature (how cold) should the air supply be?
What would cause my air conditioner to "freeze up" with ice?

Heating Questions

What is the temperature range for my Heat Pump?
Why does my furnace come on when I am calling for heat pump?

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