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In-Store AC Accessories

Coleman Mach introduces a suite of products designed to meet the needs of the RVer while increasing in-store revenue per visit.  These impulse-type products are easy to install with minimal hand tools, and will enhance the experience on the road.  Complete plan-o-grams are available upon request. 

Contact your Coleman-Mach sales representative for ordering information.

Replacement Air Filters

Coleman Mach air filters
Inexpensive replacement air filters install in minutes without the need for tools.  The standard filter traps very large particles, and is a direct replacement to the original AC filter. The Merv 6 filter provides greater filtration for trapping allergens, dirt, lint and dust without restricting airflow.

iWave-M Air Purifier

The Coleman-Mach Air Purifier uses iWave-M Ion technology to effectively purify air, and remove dust, mold spores,  smoke, pet and cooking odors, allergens, and a range of pathogens without generating ozone or any other byproducts.  Quickly installs through the interior AC ceiling assembly, plugging into existing power supply.

Air Space Heating Element – For Use in Coleman Mach AC’s

Coleman Mach air heater
The Coleman-Mach electric heating reduces the chill with 5,600 or 6,000 BTU’s, depending on the AC unit.  Ideal for times when the RV heating system in not needed, but you need to take away the chill.  Also great for Campervan and other Class B RV’s.   Installs quickly into existing AC units through the ceiling assembly.  Plugs into existing power port.
Open vent to install filters

Accessories install from inside the RV

Merv 6 filter replacement

Air filters replace in minutes without tools

Air purifier installation

Air purifier and heating element require minimal tools and plug into existing snap connector…

Heating element inside AC view

…and fit inside AC air ducting.

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