Mar 24, 2022, 11:00 AM by Keith Walker

Chris Workman-fnlAirxcel, Inc., announces major new investments in Elkhart Composites, its latest acquisition, including the onboarding of Chris Workman as the new General Manager. Anthony Wollschlager, Airxcel Group President, made the announcement.

“Chris is part of a multi-phase expansion plan to scale up Elkhart Composites and develop the tremendous potential of their Elkboard material,” stated Wollschlager. “We are excited about the opportunities for strategic growth and product development that Chris will usher in using his expertise in customer relationships, operational excellence and supply management.”

As the former VP of Global Supply Management & Sustainability at THOR Industries, Workman is a well-known industry leader. He brings expansive RV industry knowledge to his new position as well as a global perspective from a host of industrial disciplines with proven experience driving profitable growth in challenging markets.

“Joining Elkhart Composites means being part of an amazing opportunity in the RV industry,” said Workman. “Elkboard allows us to steer away from unsustainable wood harvesting practices overseas and toward an ultra-durable solution made right here in America. I’m proud to be leading the change and driving positive innovations for Elkhart Composites and the RV industry in this field.”

About Elkhart Composites: Elkhart Composites is located in Elkhart, Indiana and is the sole producer of Elkboard, a foamed polypropylene-based sheet product used as a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods commonly used in wall composite construction in the RV industry.

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