Airxcel’s Coleman-Mach Brand Leads with AC Offering and Innovation

Mar 9, 2022, 18:12 PM by Keith Walker

AXL-MXR_441X3-656 and 441X1-656 INTL Heat Pump_Side-Front AngleAirxcel, Inc. continues to prove itself the partner of choice for OEMs and builders who focus on boondocking and the emerging electric vehicle (EV) industry. Its Coleman-Mach brand leads the industry in climate control systems with smart energy use for luxury comfort and high-end performance both on the road and off the grid.
“As the leader in RV air conditioners, Coleman-Mach has long been at the forefront of energy conscious design,” explains David Gehlen, Product Manager. “In fact, that’s where our products shine.”

Recently, Coleman-Mach developed a series of DC direct air conditioning units in 48 volt, 24 volt, and coming soon 12 volt models. A Direct Current (DC) unit allows for DC direct wiring, bypassing the need for a DC to AC inverter. This saves battery life by as much as 20% due to the power loss incurred when converting from direct to alternating current. As Gehlen describes, “Imagine being able to increase the energy efficiency of a coach to such a considerable degree and still offer the best cooling options simply by choosing a DC direct model.”

For OEM partners of Coleman-Mach that means the opportunity to drastically improve performance in gas, diesel or electric powered coaches without having to make significant changes to the coach to accommodate the newest designs.
“Beyond the energy efficiency of individual products, we look holistically at energy use by considering the entirety of what being an EV friendly brand means,” said Gehlen. “While our Coleman-Mach 8 Ultra Low-Profile shroud leads in aerodynamics and our Maxxair AC model is the lightest available roof top AC in its category, we continue exploring new ways to lessen drag.”

Coleman-Mach offers exciting installation options that leave rooftops open for more solar panels and other accessories. In addition to roof-mount ACs, Coleman-Mach offers under-bunk and basement systems along with AC systems for other over-the-road vehicles. Learn more about the innovative, EV friendly products from Coleman-Mach by visiting .

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