Jul 8, 2021, 09:57 AM by Keith Walker

Air purifier installationColeman-Mach, an Airxcel brand and leader in RV comfort solutions, has debuted a suite of innovative Climate Control Accessories for both new and existing installations of Coleman-Mach air conditioners and air conditioners with heat pumps. The line includes Merv 6 Replacement Air Filters, Add-on Electric AirSpace Heater Kits and the iWave-M Ionic Air Purifier.

"As a committed partner to the RV industry, we identified three product lines to better meet current market needs," said Steve Gokie, director of aftermarket sales - Airxcel RV Group. "This new Climate Control Accessories category is Coleman-Mach's way of making the indoor environment cleaner and safer and improving the overall RV experience." Gokie oversees aftermarket product sales for Coleman-Mach, Maxxair and Suburban.

Climate Control Accessories are ideal retail impulse purchase items that will increase the total sales per customer visit. Coleman-Mach will be distributing updated planograms this summer.

While Coleman-Mach air conditioners come standard with a mesh air filter, the woven Merv 6 Replacement Air Filter better traps lint, household dust, pollen, pet dander and mold spores. This creates a cleaner, healthier environment within the RV. It is an upgrade to the existing standard mesh filter and fits perfectly into existing Coleman-Mach units.

The AirSpace Heater can be easily installed from inside the coach to an existing Coleman-Mach air conditioning unit. The heating element boosts an RV's existing system by delivering intermediate temperature increases for more even heat distribution throughout the living space. End-user packaging has been redesigned to align with the rest of the Climate Control Accessories.

Working with HVAC specialists Nu-Calgon, Coleman-Mach's iWave-M Ionic Air Purifier provides a cleaner and healthier RV, and helps to remove pet and cooking odors, and kill airborne mold, bacteria and many virus spores. Installed within a Coleman-Mach air conditioner, the air purification unit operates when the fan is on. It uses an innovative particle ionization method to create positive and negative ions that react to and break down pathogens, allergens and particles without creating harmful by-products like ozone.

2021 is looking to be a year of addressing details and future innovation for Coleman-Mach. "It's an opportunity for our product experts to dive into the performance and aesthetics of what we put to market, and improve on them," said Gokie. Additional Climate Control products will be introduced over the upcoming months.

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