Feb 15, 2021, 08:21 AM by Keith Walker

Dicor Products, an Airxcel brand, has launched a full line of premium RV exterior cleaning tools and chemicals. The suite of products provides owners, dealers and detailers a total care solution to restore the showroom shine of campers, trailers and motorhomes, from roof line to wheels.

Safe to use on a wide range of RV surfaces, Dicor cleaning chemicals are formulated for maximum effectiveness with minimal elbow grease. Super-concentrated Exterior Wash quickly lifts away dirt and dust. Black Streak Remover eliminates stubborn road grime and oil. Bug & Tar Remover dissolves tenacious dried-on insects and other hard-to-clean residues. Powerful Awning Cleaner removes bird droppings, tree sap and leaf stains. Mold & Mildew Remover is an extra-strength cleaner with bleach that's perfect for RV roof membranes; it also has interior applications on bathroom tile, shower enclosures and even vinyl curtains.

The cornerstone of the Dicor cleaning care brush line is the 3 Meter Telescopic Pole with a standard 3/4" female fitting at the base. When attached to a garden hose, water flows through the 10' handle to slots in the three available brush heads for fast and easy cleaning and rinsing.

Dicor's Roof Scrub Brush has medium bristles to deep-clean the RV's roof membrane. A 5-Sided Exterior Wash Brush is ideal for gently and safely removing dirt from RV sides and windows. The Exterior Wash Brush with Squeegee cuts back on drying time and leaves a streak-free shine.

A committed partner to the RV industry, Dicor Products is the leading supplier of roof membranes and installation products. It offers OEMs, dealers and consumers unparalleled service and next-generation RV components. Its website is

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