Aqua-Hot debuts Hydronic Heater for Class "B" Camper Vans

Dec 1, 2020, 12:11 PM by Keith Walker

Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, Inc., an Airxcel brand, debuts the 125D. Developed specifically for diesel Class B camper

vans, it's the first hydronic heating solution for this style of RV that operates at high altitudes. It does this without requiring a specialized kit or the periodic carbon buildup maintenance required with competitive units. The 125D delivers gentle, comfortable heat and convenient continuous hot water in a compact, modular package.

The Aqua-Hot 125D provides 0.8 gpm of continuous hot water at 110°–120° F. An ideal amenity for Class B comfort, it can be used for cooking, showering or washing dishes.

Engineered for fast, easy installation, the 125D measures a mere 11.5" H x 7.5" W x 17.66" L and weighs only 51 lbs. empty. Water and fuel ports are conveniently located on the unit's side for simple, hassle-free connecting.

Running on diesel fuel and/or 120V/1,500W AC shore power, the 125D provides an impressive 22,000 Btu/hr of heat. Unlike hot forced air heaters that can produce uncomfortably dry air, the Aqua-Hot hydronic system quietly envelops RVers in gentle currents of warmth through up to three heat exchangers without lowering the interior humidity.

The 125D comes with Aqua-Hot's new LCD Screen and Controller. With intuitive operation, users can set three different heating zones independent of one another. A Night/Quiet Mode allows the fans to run at slower and quieter speeds. It's RV-C compatible, so the heater can be monitored and controlled via a touchscreen display or smart device.

Since 1986, Aqua-Hot has been the leading manufacturer of innovative hydronic heating systems for Class A motorhomes. With the 125D, it brings that same level of comfort to the Class B community.

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