Coleman-Mach Adds Additional Power Saver Air Conditioners to its Lineup

Sep 27, 2018, 11:13 AM by Keith Walker

ELKHART, Ind. - RV Products, a division of Airxcel, has added several models to itsMACH 10_BLACK_Side Tilt Coleman-Mach Power Saver Air Conditioner series. Power Saver Air Conditioners compliment customers’ power management systems and allow for the greatest cooling efficiency. 

A 15,000 BTU capacity Power Saver unit has been added to the medium profile lineup and an 11,000 BTU capacity Power Saver unit has been added to the low-profile lineup, commonly known as the Coleman-Mach 10.

 “Coleman-Mach’s Power Saver series is designed to use less power without sacrificing cooling performance. Customers can use multiple appliances and air conditioners at the same time, because of the air conditioners’ low amp draw,” said Rob Leach, RV Products’ president.

RV Products has been offering Power Saver models to the RV industry for more than 20 years!  The range now covers capacities from 11,000 BTUs all the way up to 15,000 BTUs to fit any application. 

“The Power Saver product line with its low amp draw allows you to use other appliances without sacrificing cooling performance,” Leach said.

Coleman-Mach offers a complete line of air conditioners and heat pumps in Medium, Low and Ultra Low profiles.  Single-Zone and Multi-Zone thermostats are available, with a Bluetooth application available on Single-Zone thermostats.

Leach added, “We listen closely to our RV customers and our OEM partners to provide great products that enhance their RV experience, and the addition of these two new Power Saver units meets the market’s power management requirements.”

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