Product Manuals

Coil Cop Installation & Operation Manual (Rev. 6) (pdf - 1494 KB)
Coil Cop Field Installation Manual (Rev. 1) (pdf - 7551 KB)

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Coil Cop Brochure (pdf - 3629 KB)

Coil Cop® 

The Marvair Coil Cop® is a field or factory installed, multi-layered passive and active theft prevention system designed for use in Marvair wall mounted heat pumps and air conditioners. It uses visual and audio warnings to deter theft, and remote notification in the event of an attempted theft or vandalism of the protected unit. It is especially useful for air conditioners located in remote or unsupervised cell sites, and can eliminate bulky and expensive cages.

Marvair Coil Cop Theft Deterrent System

Five layers of protection.

1. Visible Warnings. High visibility, reflective theft deterrent warning labels prominently displayed. 

2. Audio Warning. Audio warning in English, followed by Spanish, warns the thief that the authorities have been notified. Audio warning continues for three minutes and then resets. 

3. Theft resistant cabinet.

a. 316 stainless steel channels on each end of the condenser and evaporator coils. The channels collapse to prevent cutting of the channel.

b. The channels are secured to the cabinet with tamper resistant, button head Torx fasteners. These fasteners require a special tool to remove the channel.

c. Fasteners are recessed to prevent shearing of the fastener’s head with a chisel.

4. Remote Notification. Normally closed dry contacts can be used to alert the Network Operations Center or monitoring service of an attempted theft. 

5. Loss of Charge switch monitors refrigerant pressure. If a refrigerant line is cut, the audio alarm is activated and contact closure provides remote notification.

Coil Cop® includes an operator panel installed in the shelter and a microcontroller and speaker inside the air conditioner. The operator panel in the shelter includes LEDs to show the operational status, and buttons to arm and disarm the Coil Cop’s alarms. The alarm is reset or disabled using a button on the operator panel secured inside the shelter.

A tri-axis accelerometer with adjustable sensitivity measures force impact and triggers the alarm if any value exceeds the set point. An intelligent algorithm continuously measures and adapts to ambient vibration to suppress false alarms from external sources.

Refrigerant pressure is monitored with a loss of charge switch and if a refrigerant line is cut, the audio alarm will be activated and contact closure can provide remote notification.   

Simultaneous with the audio alarm, normally closed dry contacts alert the NOC or monitoring service of an attempted theft. The audible message stops and resets after three minutes, but alarm indication to a monitoring service remains active.