Features and Benefits

Ease of Installation

  • All units are pre-piped and wired to minimize installation time
  • Readily accessible controls
  • Two condensate drain locations
  • Washable return air filters

No Brazing Required

  • All service components are removable with no need for a torch
  • Rotolock valves permit compressor replacement with no loss of charge
  • Shut-off isolation valves

High Efficiency and Reliability

  • High efficiency scroll compressor
  • 10,12,15 & 20 ton units have dual compressors
  • Dual compressors can be programmed to start sequentially
  • MVW water source units use an 8 volute heat exchanger

Product Literature

Marine MVS-MVW60-240 Product Data Sheet (Rev.6) (pdf - 1580 KB)

Product Manuals

Marvair MVS-MVW60-240 Installation & Operation Manual (Rev.3) (pdf - 2866 KB)

Marine & Work Boat Air Conditioners

Models MVS & MVW

Marvair Marine Air Conditioners

General Description

The Marvair Marine remote condenser air conditioners and air handlers are designed for both new installations and for replacement of older, less efficient units in marine applications. The air conditioners are available in cooling capacities of 5, 7½, 10, 12, 15 and 20 tons (60,000, 90,000, 120,000, 144,000, 180,000 & 240,000 BTUH’s) and are controlled by a conventional 24 VDC wall mounted, HVAC type thermostat. The vertical configuration minimizes floor space and blends into a variety of working environments. The cool, dry air can be discharged directly into the room or ducted into adjacent rooms. All service and maintenance is performed from the front or side of the unit- no need to move the unit for service or maintenance. To ensure years of dependable performance, all components are housed in a superior corrosion resistant steel cabinet. The galvaneal steel is bonderized and followed by a heat cured enamel neutral gray finish.

Air Cooled Units
The MVS air cooled units have an indoor air mover, coil, compressor and controls. A remote condenser (not provided by Marvair) connects to the MVS unit with field installed refrigerant lines. The units are shipped with a dry nitrogen charge and may be used with either R-22 or R-407c refrigerant.

Water Cooled Units
The MVW water cooled air conditioners are packaged units shipped from the factory with R-407c refrigerant and are ready to connect to a remote keel cooler. The coaxial tube-in-tube condenser is constructed of corrosion resistant cupronickel water tubing and copper refrigerant tubing for use in either fresh or sea water.

For detailed specifications, performance, and efficiency information, download the Product Data Sheet from the document list on this page.