DynaPack DYPA Product Data Sheet (Rev.5) (pdf - 2431 KB)
Suburban DynaPack S and H Series Owners Manual (Rev. 2) (pdf - 2747 KB)
DynaPack DYPA Architect's & Engineer's Manual (Rev.6) (pdf - 5324 KB)
DynaPack Features (pdf - 2173 KB)
DynaPack Accessories (pdf - 468 KB)


Designed and built to perform with efficient reliability.

To continue the Suburban tradition of providing year-round comfort in a fully self-contained heating and cooling system, Suburban offers DynaPack. This vertical packaged air conditioner features electric cooling comfort along with high-efficiency gas heat. The DynaPack range of products features from 1 to 2.5 tons cooling and efficient 36 to 60 MBTU gas heat. DynaPack

DynaPack's direct vent design has a built-in condensing unit which offers additional cost savings for new construction design.

Each DynaPack unit can be ducted for multiple room conditioning making it ideal for multi-family applications.

Five cooling capacities are available each with multiple rated heating input, all utilizing R410A Refrigerant.

The Dynapack S Series has a heating efficiency of 80% thermal efficiency.

The Dynapack H Series has a heating efficiency of 91-92% thermal efficiency, depending on specific model.

All cooling efficiencies for both the S and H Series range from 10.0 to 10.7 EER. And, all Dynapack units are tested and rated to AHRI Standard 390 and are classified as “Single Packaged Vertical Unit”.


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