Features and Benefits

Ease of Installation

  • Installed inside Classroom
  • Outdoor air box provides condenser airflow
  • Air box height clears window sills
  • Can be installed as free blow or ducted
  • Air box easily removes to fit unit through 3’ door

R-410A Refrigerant

  • Efficient Heat Release
  • Non-Ozone Depleting Refrigerant
  • Synthetic Lubricant
  • Reduced Compressor Wear

Rugged Cabinet Construction

  • Cabinet constructed of 16 gauge galvanized steel
  • Hinged doors with tamper resistant locks
  • PVC outdoor drain resists corrosion

GreenWheel® and GreenCube® Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

  • Removes Both Moisture and Heat from the Incoming Air Stream
  • Optimized for Hot Gas Reheat

Product Literature

Marvair Scholar III VAISA Product Data Sheet (Rev. 12) (pdf - 3808 KB)
Marvair Scholar III Models VAISA36-60 (2-Stage Compressor) Performance Tables (pdf - 77 KB)
Marvair Scholar III VAIA48-60 Performance Tables (pdf - 28 KB)

Product Manuals

Marvair Scholar III VAISA Installation and Start-Up Manual (Rev. 9) (pdf - 3057 KB)
Marvair Scholar III VAISA Maintenance and Service Manual (Rev. 1) (pdf - 9373 KB)
Marvair Scholar III, Scholar QV and GeoScholar QV Engineering Design Manual (Rev. 3) (pdf - 5677 KB)

Other Documents

Marvair Scholar III Engineering Specification Guide (doc - 304 KB)
Architectural Extruded Aluminum Louvers (pdf - 612 KB)

Available Options & Accessories

Available Options & Accessories

Scholar III Wall Mount Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps


Marvair Scholar 3 Classroom AC

General Description

The air source Marvair® Scholar III air conditioners and heat pumps are self-contained HVAC systems designed to provide heating, cooling, and outside fresh air for school classrooms. The units are installed in the classroom against an exterior wall. The vertical configuration minimizes the floor space occupied by the HVAC unit. This unique design makes it ideal for both new schools and for renovation of existing classrooms.

A full range of ventilation options – from two energy recovery ventilators, the GreenWheel® ERV or the GreenCube® ERV, to a mechanical damper - are offered to meet any climate or budget. A wide selection of architectural louvers provides the designer with unlimited styles and configurations to compliment the exterior of the school. (For a complete description of the architectural louvers, please refer to the Marvair brochure entitled, “Architectural Extruded Aluminum Louvers” in the downloads area.) Marvair offers a full range of thermostats to meet virtually every requirement. The unit can be controlled by a wall mounted thermostat, an internal thermostat or interfaced with a energy management system.

Scholar III air conditioners and heat pumps are available in cooling capacities from 2 to 5 tons with
a 2-stage compressor (cooling only) as standard. Electric resistance or hot water is available as primary heat. All sizes are available for operation on 208/230 V. 1Ø or 3Ø and 460 V. electrical supply. All models comply with current UL standards and are listed by ETL.

  • IPLV: 14.0 - 14.5
  • Air Conditioner Cooling Capacities: 2 - 4 ton (24,000 BTUH - 48,000 BTUH)
  • Heat Pump Cooling Capacities: 2.5 - 4 ton (30,000 BTUH - 48,000 BTUH)

Scholar III Advantages

Since its introduction in 1991, Scholar air conditioners and heat pumps and air conditioners have been the undisputed leader in interior, self-contained classroom HVAC systems. Students in tens of thousands of classrooms across the USA have benefited from the environment provided by Scholar heat pumps and air conditioners.

The Scholar III builds on this history with unique design innovations and features.

  • Quiet Operation for better learning. The Scholar III minimizes sound levels in the classroom; in many non-ducted applications sound levels of 45 dbA and less can be expected. A high efficiency axial fan moves air silently through the condenser coils. Specially designed interior panels convert sound to heat energy, resulting in the sound being absorbed. A low vibration, scroll compressor insures quiet operation as well as energy efficiency. The indoor air mover utilizes a revolutionary electronically commutated motor (ECM). This motor consumes a minimum of power with whisper quiet operation.
  • High efficiency means lower operating costs. The latest in scroll compressor technology with ultra high efficiency indoor and outdoor air movers, generous lanced fin with rifled tube evaporator and condenser coils combine for Integrated Part Load Values (IPLV’s) of up to 14.5.
  • Humidity Control. The control of humidity is essential for a positive learning environment. Scholar III heat pumps and air conditioners actively control humidity with both standard controls and several optional accessories for schools where control of humidity is an everyday concern. The electronically commutated motor optimizes moisture removal by automatically controlling the air flow across the indoor coil. Raw outdoor air for ventilation is not brought directly into the classroom. Ventilation air first passes through the indoor coil to temper the air and remove moisture. It then is mixed with classroom air before being introduced into the classroom.
  • 2-Stage Compressor. The VAISA models of Scholar III heat pumps and air conditioners have, as standard, a two stage compressor with a first stage capacity of 65% of the total capacity.  The two stage compressor provides better comfort and improved energy efficiency compared to many older, single stage compressors.
  • GreenWheel® and GreenCube® Enegy Recovery Ventilators (ERV). The optional GreenWheel® ERV and GreenCube ERV’s are total energy recovery ventilators, i.e., during the summer they remove both moisture and heat from the incoming air stream. With an outdoor wet bulb of 74°F and an indoor dry bulb of 72°F and 450 cfm of outside air, the ERV’s will remove 8 pints per hour of moisture from the incoming fresh air stream.
    For optimum control of the humidity, the GreenWheel and GreenCube® ERV’s should be used should be used in conjunction with Hot Gas Reheat. This complete, factory assembled optional coil and controls economically maintains the temperature and humidity in the classroom.

For detailed specifications, performance, and efficiency information, download the Product Data Sheet from the document list on this page.