Marvair Scholar

Marvair Scholar

Scholar Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Marvair Scholar Classroom Units

All Scholar air conditioners and heat pumps are designed to provide quiet, efficient cooling, heating and ventilation for classrooms in a single package. The units are installed inside the classroom against an exterior wall. The vertical configuration minimizes the floor space occupied by the HVAC unit. Individual classroom units mean superior comfort and energy savings. When a central chiller/boiler system fails, an entire wing or school is affected. If a Scholar unit needs service, only one classroom is affected. When only a portion of the wing or school is being used, a large chiller/boiler system may have to operate the chiller at a reduced part load condition, the boiler for reheat and a large air handler. With Scholars, only the classroom or office being used is conditioned.

To meet fresh air requirements, a full range of ventilation options are available, including the Marvair GreenWheel® Energy Recovery Ventilator. All service and maintenance can be performed while the unit is in the classroom; moving the unit away from the wall is not required. The Scholar units can be controlled by a wall mounted thermostat or interfaced with an energy management system.