Scholar Options and Accessories

Marvair offers a wide range of accessories and optional features for each model line. Not all features are available for each unit, and some models offer options which are unique to that model. Refer to the appropriate Product Data Sheet for a list of the options and accessories available for each unit.

GreenWheel® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Marvair GreenWheel ERVThe Marvair® GreenWheel® ERV is a total energy (both sensible and latent) wheel that reduces both construction and operating cost while ventilating the classroom to ASHRAE 62-1999 requirements. The use of the GreenWheel ERV reduces the energy load of the outside air. Exhausting stale, inside air keeps indoor pollutants and harmful gases to a minimum. The Marvair GreenWheel ERV has been tested and certified according to ARI Standard 1060.

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GreenCube® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Marvair GreenCube ERVThe Marvair® GreenCube® ERV is an enthalpy plate heat exchanger that transfers both sensible and latent energies between outgoing and incoming air streams in a cross flow arrangement. Except for two air movers, it has no moving parts. The media is impregnated with a RC134 polymeric desiccant that exchanges water by direct vapor transfer using molecular transport without the need of condensation.

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Plenum and Ducting Options

Freeblow Air Distribution
Provided with the freeblow plenum. The front grille has individually adjustable vertical louvers that provide a full range of airflow direction. Two side supply grilles with vertical louvers enhance the air flow in the classroom. All grilles have a clear brushed aluminum finish to be used with Scholar V™ unit’s with no heat or electric resistance heat. The plenum is 12-1/2” high.

Supply & Return Grilles
The frame and blades are 6063 extruded aluminum alloy with a 2000-R1 satin anodized finish. To eliminate corrosion and vibration, the frame is separated from the blade with injection molded bushings. All blades are air foil in design, individually adjustable and spaced 3/4” on center. A specially engineered channel on the outside of the frame holds an extruded flexible vinyl bulb gasket that produces a positive air seal at the mounting surface.

Ducted Air Distribution
Provided with the ducted plenum. The plenum is 12-1/2” high.  Duct can be easily installed to the flanged rectangular opening on the top.  The tables on page 12 and 17 show the cfm for the various units.

Plenum Extenders
In order to provide a finished appearance, plenum extenders may be ordered. The plenum extender rests on top of the either the free blow or ducted plenum and may be ordered in various heights in 1” increments.

Electric Heat Options
An electric heat option is available for Marvair Scholar air conditioners and heat pumps to supplement, where required, the heat pump cycle. Heating options vary by model. Each model's Product Data Sheet lists its available heating options.

Allows the electric heat to operate simultaneously with cooling. Note: The electrical characteristics and requirements of air conditioners with the dehumidification option are different from standard air conditioners. Refer to the appropriate Summary Rating Charts for the electrical characteristics of units with Electric Reheat. Units with reheat require a thermostat and a dehumidistat for proper operation.

Phase Monitor
Continuously measures the voltage of each of the three phases. The monitor separately senses low and high voltage, voltage unbalance including phase loss and phase reversal. A red LED glows to indicate a fault. When all voltages are acceptable, a green LED glows.  Automatically resets when voltages and phases are within operating tolerances.
Note: Not required on 1ø units.

Thermal Expansion Valve
Available on all ComPac air conditioners. Improves performance in hot ambient temperatures.

Hot Gas Reheat (HGR)
A Hot Gas Reheat coil and controls allow the indoor humidity of the controlled environment to be maintained at or below a certain humidity set point. These units do not have the ability to add humidity to the room. Dehumidification is achieved by operating mechanical cooling in conjunction with a hot gas reheat coil.