Controllers / Thermostats

Designed to operate a fully or partially redundant air conditioning system used for cooling telecommunication shelters, huts, and cabinets, motor control centers and e-houses. A complete line of thermostats and controllers for control of the environment in the classroom and commercial buildings is available from Marvair.

CommStat Touch HVAC Controller

Marvair CommStat Touch Telecom HVAC ControlThe CommStat Touch telecom controller with a touch screen interface is designed to allow remote control and monitoring of Marvair air conditioners and heat pumps with single or 2-stage compressors in a shelter or enclosure and is certified by ETL for HVAC UL60950-1 and FCC47CFR compliance. In addition to the control of HVAC equipment, CommStat Touch provides status information, alarm notifications, set point adjustment, and remote HVAC configuration.

CommStat 6 HVAC Controller

Marvair CommStat 6 HVAC ControllerThe CommStat 6 is an HVAC controller designed specifically for controlling two redundant air conditioners with two stage compressors in a telecommunications shelter, enclosure, or e-house. In addition to the control of the air conditioners, the CommStat 6 has multiple outputs for remote alarms or notification.

The CommStat 6 is factory programmed with standard industry set points, but can be configured on site. Settings are retained indefinitely in the event of a power loss.

CommStat 4 HVAC Controller


A single CommStat 4 will control two redundant air conditioners or heat pumps, but has the capability to be daisy chained with a second CommStat 4 units for controlling up to four air conditioners or heat pumps in a shelter. The CommStat 4 has seven outputs for remote alarms or notification.

CommStat 3 HVAC Controller

Marvair CommStat 3 HVAC Controller

The Marvair CommStat 3™ is factory programmed with industry standard set points to facilitate installation. If desired, each of the set points can be quickly and easily changed in the field by the installer. The lead/lag controller insures equal run time on each air conditioner and allows the lag unit to assist upon demand.

CoolLinks PLC Telecom HVAC ControllerThe Marvair PLC-based CoolLinks controller sequences the operation of the two Marvair ComPac II units (models ASDCA, ASDCHA, HSDCA) to ensure the most energy-efficient conditioning of the shelter space and the most balanced use of the conditioning equipment. The CoolLinks system determines the need to cool or heat the shelter based on an indoor temperature sensor and outside temperature/humidity sensor connected directly to the controller.

MAR 7000

Marvair MAR7000 Thermostat-Controller

The MAR 7000 is a controller and sensors in a single, attractive package that creates a flexible solution to stand-alone control challenges or BACnet network challenges.

Temperature, humidity, and motion sensing are standard. Flexible input and output configurations and built-in programming ensure that a variety of application needs can be met.

Classroom Thermostats & Controllers

Marvair Classroom ThermostatsMarvair offers a complete line of thermostats and controllers for control of the environment in the classroom. Thermostats for both heat pumps and air conditioners are offered. All of our thermostats are electronic - no mercury - are reliable, have easy to read LCD displays and are easy to operate. Programmable and non-programmable thermostats are offered with auto or manual changeover and 1 or 2 stage heating and cooling.