Features and Benefits

GreenCube ERV

  • No moving parts
  • Operates in temperatures as low as 10ºF
  • Synthetic media resists corrosion
  • Desiccant material is a bactericide
  • Transfers both sensible and latent heat
  • Can introduce up to a maximum of 300 cfm of outside air
Marvair GreenCube ERV

GreenCube® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Marvair GreenCube Air Flow

GreeenCube Airflow

The Marvair® GreenCube ERV is an enthalpy plate heat exchanger that transfers both sensible and latent energies between outgoing and incoming air streams in a cross flow arrangement. Except for two air movers, it has no moving parts. The media is impregnated with a RC134 polymeric desiccant that exchanges water by direct vapor transfer using molecular transport without the need of condensation.

The GreenCube ERV will operate at temperatures as low as 10°F without a defrost mechanism. In addition, the desiccant is a bactericide.

Two MERV 6 type filters are used on both sides of the enthalpy core. The fresh air and exhaust motors have independent speed controllers to permit each of the motors to be regulated independently.