Factory Installed Economizer

Marvair’s MAA Series air conditioner has been the industry standard since its introduction in 1986. Tens of thousands are in operation from the metropolitan areas of North America to the deserts of the Mid-East to the Siberian tundra. 

To insure proper operation and optimum performance, all economizers are non-removable, factory installed and tested. In addition, factory and field installed accessories can be used to meet specific requirements.

Here’s How the Economizer Works:

On a signal from the wall mounted indoor thermostat that cooling is required, either mechanical cooling with the compressor or free cooling with the economizer is provided. A factory installed enthalpy controller determines whether the outside air is sufficiently cool and dry to be used for cooling. If suitable, the compressor is locked out and the economizer damper opens to bring in outside air. Integral pressure relief allows the interior air to exit the shelter, permitting outside air to enter the shelter. The temperature at which the economizer opens is adjustable from 63°F (17°C) at 50% Relative Humidity to 73°F (23°C) at 50% Relative Humidity.

After the enthalpy control has activated and outside air is being brought into the building, the mixed air sensor measures the temperature of the air entering the indoor blower and then modulates the economizer damper to mix the right proportion of cool outside air with warm indoor air to maintain 50-63°F (10 - 17°C) air being delivered to the building. This prevents shocking the electronic components with cold outside air. The compressor is not permitted to operate when the economizer is functioning.

Marvair Economizer

If the outside air becomes too hot or humid, the economizer damper closes completely, or to a minimum open position with an optional minimum position potentiometer, and mechanical cooling is activated.

In all Marvair air conditioners, the supply air flow in the economizer mode is the same or greater than the rated air flow. (The rated air flow is the AHRI certified air flow when the unit is in mechanical cooling.) The “full flow” economizer reduces electrical costs by maximizing the use of outside air for cooling.

Savings with an Economizer

The following table shows the annual electrical cost of cooling a 10 ft. x 20 ft. x 9 ft. (3m x 6m x 2.7m) shelter in twelve cities in the US. Costs are shown for an air conditioner without an economizer, for an air conditioner with an economizer and the savings. The savings do not include any demand charges. The savings are based on the electrical usage of a five ton air conditioner and an electric rate of $.10 per kilowatt-hour, the approximate average commercial rate in the US.