Features and Benefits

  • G60 galvanized steel with a polyester color finish that matches Marvair beige
  • Designed to attach to existing units eliminating the need for buying additional air conditioners
  • Sound level reductions of up to 6 dbA

Product Literature

Marvair ELNB30-36_ELNB42-60 Product Data Sheet (Rev. 2) (pdf - 49 KB)

External Low Noise Blower (ELNB)

Marvair External Low Noise Blower

The External Low Noise Blower (ELNB) kit consists of a field installed condenser air hood, controls, and compressor blanket that can reduce the sound levels of selected Marvair® air conditioners. The ELNB kit is built in two sizes for use on Marvair air conditioners, models MAA1030 - 1060.

The kit consists of a painted sheet metal hood that attaches at the front of the unit over the condenser coil. Inside the hood are slow speed, large diameter blowers and motors. These blowers and motors replace the original factory installed propeller fan. The speed of the blower motors is varied through a controller that senses refrigerant pressure.

As outdoor temperatures decrease, the blowers slow down reducing the sound of the air movement. The interior of the hood is lined with acoustical insulation to further reduce sound levels.

The use of a compressor jacket dampens the sound of the compressor. Because the jacket is compressor specific, it must be ordered separately. A transformer upgrade is required for 460V units.