Wall Mounted Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Accessories and Options

Marvair offers a wide range of accessories and optional features for each model line. Not all features are available for each unit, and some models offer options which are unique to that model. Refer to the appropriate Product Data Sheet for a list of the options and accessories available for each unit.

GreenWheel® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Marvair GreenWheel ERVThe Marvair® GreenWheel® ERV is a total energy (both sensible and latent) wheel that reduces both construction and operating cost while ventilating the classroom to ASHRAE 62-1999 requirements. The use of the GreenWheel ERV reduces the energy load of the outside air. Exhausting stale, inside air keeps indoor pollutants and harmful gases to a minimum. The Marvair GreenWheel ERV has been tested and certified according to ARI Standard 1060.

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GreenCube® Energy Recovery Ventilator

Marvair GreenCube ERVThe Marvair® GreenCube® ERV is an enthalpy plate heat exchanger that transfers both sensible and latent energies between outgoing and incoming air streams in a cross flow arrangement. Except for two air movers, it has no moving parts. The media is impregnated with a RC134 polymeric desiccant that exchanges water by direct vapor transfer using molecular transport without the need of condensation.

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Factory Installed Economizer

When cool and dry, the economizer uses outside air to cool the shelter. The full flow economizer provides the same air flow in the economizer mode as in mechanical cooling. The economizer provides temperature control, energy cost savings, and increased reliability by decreasing the operating hours of the compressor and the condenser fan.

Factory and field installed accessories can be used to meet specific requirements.

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Field Installed Economizer

When cool and dry, the economizer uses outside air to cool the shelter. The full flow economizer provides the same air flow in the economizer mode as in mechanical cooling. The economizer provides temperature control, energy cost savings, and increased reliability by decreasing the operating hours of the compressor and the condenser fan.

The field installed economizer is designed to retrofit economizer function to Marvair units not originally equipped with a factory installed economizer.

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External Low Noise Blower (ELNB)

The External Low Noise Blower (ELNB) kit consists of a field installed condenser air hood, controls, and compressor blanket that can reduce the sound levels of selected Marvair™ ComPac™ air conditioners. The ELNB kit is built in two sizes for use on Marvair air conditioners, models AVP30- 60.

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Color Options
Marvair air conditioners and heat pumps are available in nine different cabinet colors -Marvair Beige is standard.

  • Marvair Beige
  • Gray
  • Carlsbad Canyon
  • White
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Dark Bronze
  • .050 Aluminum Stucco
  • Mesa Tan
  • Pebble Gray

The standard cabinet’s sides, top and front panels are constructed of 20 gauge painted steel. As an option, these panels can be built of 16 gauge steel in beige & gray or .050 stucco aluminum. When the 16 gauge painted steel or the aluminum is used, only the side, top and front panels are 16 gauge or aluminum. Contact your Marvair representative for color chips.

The cabinet can also be constructed of type 316 stainless steel. Two stainless steel cabinet constructions are available - the complete cabinet, including most internal sheet metal or only the exterior sheet metal.


Power Supply Options

Marvair offers a range of voltage options and single or three-phase operation.

  • 208/230V-1ø-60Hz
  • 208/230V-3ø-60Hz
  • 460V-3ø-60Hz3
  • 575V-3ø-60Hz
  • 380V-3ø-50hz

Electric Heat Options
An electric heat option is available for Marvair air conditioners and heat pumps to supplement, where required, the heat pump cycle. Heating options vary by model. Each model's Product Data Sheet lists its available heating options.

Hard Start Kit
Used on single phase equipment to give the compressor higher starting torque under low voltage conditions.  (Field installed only) (Note: Not recommended for use on scroll compressors.)

Allows the electric heat to operate simultaneously with cooling. Note: The electrical characteristics and requirements of air conditioners with the dehumidification option are different from standard air conditioners. Refer to the appropriate Summary Rating Charts for the electrical characteristics of units with Electric Reheat. Units with reheat require a thermostat and a dehumidistat for proper operation.

Protective Coating Packages

Typically, only non-economizer units are used in corrosive environments, but all Marvair air conditioner are available with corrosion protection. Two corrosion protection packages are offered - one for the condenser section (Coastal Environmental Package) and the other for the entire unit (Coat-All Package).

The Coastal Environmental Package includes:

  • Corrosion resistant fasteners
  • Sealed or partially sealed condenser fan motor
  • Protective coating applied to all exposed internal copper and metal in the condenser section
  • Protective coating on the condenser coil (Luvata Insitu®) contains ES2 (embedded stainless steel pigment) technology.

The Coat all Package includes all of the above, plus:

  • Protective coating on the evaporator coil (Luvata Insitu®) contains ES2 (embedded stainless steel pigment) technology
  • Protective coating on exterior and interior components and sheet metal. (Note: the internal sheet metal which is insulated, bottom outside panel, and the internal control box are not coated)

Note: the internal sheet metal which is insulated and the internal control box are not coated.

Protective Coil Coatings
Either the condenser or evaporator coil can be coated. For harsh conditions, e.g., power plants, paper mills or sites were the unit will be exposed to salt water, the coil should be coated. Note: Cooling capacity may be reduced by up to 5% on units with coated coils.

Air Conditioner Transition Curb
A sheet metal curb that enables MAA1042/1048/1060 conditioner to replace an MAA1030/1036. Curb transitions supply and return openings of the 3-1/2, 4 and 5 ton units to the smaller openings.

Hot Gas By-Pass
Non-economizer units only – Used in specialty applications; i.e., Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) buildings, to prevent magnetic voltage disturbance caused by compressor cycling.  Hot gas by-pass option packages are available to allow operation to 20°F (-7°C). Please refer to Hot Gas By-pass Application Bulletin for details.

High Filtration
Selected units are built with larger blowers/motors for use with higher efficiency filters with MERV ratings of 11, 13 and 14 when tested to ASHRAE 52.2. Units with economizers have a prefilter on the outside air. Not available on the AVPA12. Contact your Marvair representative for specific models.

Dirty Filter Indicator
A factory installed option that measures the difference in pressure across the internal filter and illuminates a LED when the pressure exceeds the desired difference.

Phase Monitor
Continuously measures the voltage of each of the three phases. The monitor separately senses low and high voltage, voltage unbalance including phase loss and phase reversal. A red LED glows to indicate a fault. When all voltages are acceptable, a green LED glows.  Automatically resets when voltages and phases are within operating tolerances.
Note: Not required on 1ø units.

Thermal Expansion Valve
Available on all ComPac air conditioners. Improves performance in hot ambient temperatures.

Sealed Condenser Fan Motors
Recommended on units to be installed in corrosive sites, e.g., near the ocean and in deserts with blowing sand.

Compressor Sound Jacket
To reduce sound of compressor.

Extreme Duty Package
Allows Marvair air conditioners to operate in extremely cold and hot ambient conditions. The Extreme Duty Kit is always factory installed and is available on all air Marvair conditioners. Units without an economizer will operate from 0°F to 131°F (-18° to 55°C). Units with an economizer will operate from -40°F to 131°F (-40° to 55°C).

The Extreme Duty Package includes a suction line accumulator, thermal expansion valve (TXV), crankcase heater, hard start kit, an auto reset high pressure switch and an outdoor thermostat and fan cycle switch. The fan cycle control is standard on all Marvair air conditioners and operates based upon the liquid line pressure. The outside thermostat opens whenever the outside temperature is below 50°F (10°C) and closes when the outside temperature is 50°F (10°C) or higher. Whenever the temperature is below 50°F (10°C), the fan cycle switch is in the circuit; when temperatures are 50°F (10°C) or higher, the fan cycle switch is not in the circuit. The outdoor thermostat is used with a TXV to prevent excessive cycling or “hunting” of the TXV.

Lockable Disconnect Access Cover Plate
The access plate to the service disconnect switch can be equipped with a lockable cover.

Desert Duty Package
Our standard air conditioners will operate in outside ambient temperatures up to 120°F (48.9°C) The Desert Duty package is a factory installed package of components and cabinet modifications to allow operation in ambient temperatures up 131°F (55°C). Standard features of the Desert Duty package include a thermal expansion valve and a sealed condenser fan motor. Cabinet modifications include a slotted panel in the base pan that improves condenser air flow and also provides access to the compressor and condenser fan motor. To prevent sand and dust infiltration, the electrical control box is sealed. A closed loop design on the unit insures that no outside air is introduced into the shelter. Note: the ComPac II unit with the economizer  may be ordered with the Desert Duty Package. If an economizer equipped conditioner is required with the Desert Duty Package, sand intrusion into the shelter should be considered.

Washable Filter
Spun aluminum construction allows cleaning of filters with water.

Hot Gas Reheat (HGR)
A Hot Gas Reheat coil and controls allow the indoor humidity of the controlled environment to be maintained at or below a certain humidity set point. These units do not have the ability to add humidity to the room. Dehumidification is achieved by operating mechanical cooling in conjunction with a hot gas reheat coil.

Right & Left Side Compressor Location
The air conditioners can be built with the compressor on the opposite side to facilitate service access when two units are installed side by side. In the MAA1020-1024-1030-1036, the standard location for the compressor is on the right hand side. In the MAA1042-1048-1060, the standard location for the compressor is on the left hand side. In the MAA1072, the compressor is accessed from the front of the unit and an opposing configuration is not required.