History of Marvair, a Division of Airxcel, Inc.

A. Brief History

Marvair can trace its roots back to Muncie Gear Works, Inc. of Muncie Indiana, which was founded in 1910 to provide gears for machinery.  Muncie Gear Works initiated development of the electric heat pump in 1943 which is the forerunner to Marvair’s current heat pumps and air conditioners. Market considerations in 1950 induced the Marvair Heat Pump Division of Muncie Gear Works to relocate to Cordele, Georgia, completing the relocation in 1954.

In 1961, Muncie Gear Works was sold to Applied Devices, and the Marvair Division was moved to Atlanta in 1971.  This action triggered several key management people of Marvair to resign and form a similar corporation using the existing facilities and former employees in Cordele.  As a result, in 1972, the Crispaire Corporation was formed, purchased the physical plant in Cordele and also was able to buy the Atlanta operation, as well as the Marvair Company trade name and sales outlets. Crispaire was chosen because of being located in Crisp County.

Crispaire found its niche in the heat pump and air conditioner industry.  The niches included heat pump and air conditioning products for school classrooms, modular offices, and electronic equipment communication shelters.

In late 1986, Crispaire Corporation merged with E-Tech of Atlanta.  The merger provided Crispaire with a new product line and more importantly the expertise in the technology of efficient water heating.

In November of 1997, Crispaire Corporation joined with RV Products to form a new company, Airxcel, Inc. RV Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of recreational vehicle air conditioners.

In 2002, since virtually all of our customers knew us as Marvair, the name was officially changed from Crispaire Corp. to Marvair, a division of Airxcel, Inc.

In 2014, the Industrial Climate Engineering (ICE) division of Airxcel was created to market and sell larger capacity air conditioners for industrial applications. In 2016, the ICE division expanded its product line to include HVAC systems for use in hazardous locations.

In late 2015, the Suburban Dynaline and DynaPack gas fired air conditioners product lines were moved to the Marvair division. All sales and marketing, engineering and production of these products are centered in Cordele.

B. Overview of the Company Today

The Marvair and ICE divisions of Airxcel, Inc. are leading manufacturers and marketers of specialty heating, air conditioning, and water heating products for industrial and commercial uses.  Our products are used in a variety of industries, including telecommunication buildings, school school classrooms, commercial/industrial, and marine workboats. Marvair products are sold worldwide through a factory salesforce and by manufacturer’s representatives and independent sales agents.

Marvair engineers its products, fabricates sheet metal, manufactures major sub-assembly and conducts quality control testing on its products at its 180,000 square foot production and distribution facilities in Cordele and Vienna, Georgia. The Company’s process/production control systems, material flow systems, and significant quality control procedures. Our product lines have excellent reputations in the industries they serve for quality, reliability, and durability.

Marvair employs a total of 200+ people at its Cordele and Vienna, Georgia locations.