ICExp Product Data Sheet (Rev.1) (pdf - 5411 KB)
ICExp EXNA-EONA12-240 Installation/Operation Manual (Rev.3) (pdf - 3362 KB)
ICExp EXN-OLG Room Pressurizer PDS (Rev.1) (pdf - 3566 KB)
ICExp EXN-OLG Room Pressurizer I&O Manual (Rev.4) (pdf - 7387 KB)
ICExp Increased Safety Brochure (Rev.4) English (pdf - 1794 KB)
ICExp Increased Safety Brochure (New) Spanish (pdf - 1824 KB)

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ICExp is the Innovative HVAC Technology Leader in Hazardous Locations Protection and Safety.

ICExp Increased SafetyICExp Increased Safety

You wouldn’t rely on this outdated technology for communication.

So why would you still rely on this for Division 2 hazardous locations?

ICExp Increased Safety

The old approach to HVAC Safety in hazardous locations was to contain standard components in a big, heavy and expensive enclosure. The ICExp solution by Industrial Climate Engineering is designed to prevent an explosion by only using the latest technology in non-arcing components installed in our smaller and lighter IECEx approved increased safety enclosure.

Using this new and innovative strategy allows a more integrated, compact and reliable installation. And at a lower cost than previously possible.

  • Increased Safety Certified by an internationally recognized leader in IECEx certification (pending)
    North America (NEC): Class I, Division 2 – Group B, C, D (12,000 - 72,000 BTUH available now, 90,000 - 240,000 BTUH available spring 2017)
    Europe (ATEX): Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC (In design)
    Middle East: Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC (In design)
  • Available from 12,000 BTUH (3.5Kw) to 300,000 BTUH (87.9Kw)
ICExp Increased Safety Air Conditioners

For detailed specifications, performance, and efficiency information, download the Product Data Sheet from the document list on this page.