ICE EX04-18CDHC1 HEX Units PDS (Rev.6) (pdf - 6682 KB)
ICE EX04-18 Heat Exchanger I-O Manual (Rev.3) (pdf - 5807 KB)

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Cabinet Heat Exchangers 

Industrial Climate Engineering’s Cabinet Climate Control Heat Exchangers are used primarily to passively cool data centers, outdoor telecom cabinets and electronic and mechanical equipment shelters (E-Houses). Due to the internal heat load, these shelters require cooling even when outside temperatures are 60°F (15°C) and below. ICE heat exchangers have the necessary controls and components for operation within these temperatures. 

ICE Cabinet Climate Control Heat Exchangers are installed on an exterior door or wall of the cabinet – minimal interior space is required. Only a single opening is required for the exchanged “internal loop” air to be discharged into the cabinet and for the indoor air to return to the heat exchanger. 

All models are manufactured in an ISO9001 & ISO14001 facility, are CE certified, a UL Recognized Component and TÜV certified. 


For detailed specifications, performance, and efficiency information, download the Product Data Sheet from the document list on this page.