Wallmount Accessories & Options

Eubank Heater Option

Heat strips

Heat strips are available factory installed or as a kit to install in the field Models for AC & Heat Pump from 5KW to 20KW Complete model listings in our current catalog & brochure.

Eubank Fresh Air Options

Fresh Air Options

Powered Room Ventilator (PRV)
The PRV is designed to operate any time the indoor fan motor is energized. Circulates up to 100% fresh air into the structure while exhausting air out. Adjustable with a manual dial.

Automatically regulated economizer is designed to deliver fresh air in cooling mode when conditions allow based on temperature & humidity. Capable of Delivering 100% fresh air.

Eubank Pressure Switches

High & Low Pressure Switches

High and low pressure switches provide protection to the sealed system shutting the compressor down if necessary when the system pressure is not between the correct parameters.

Marvair CommStat 3 Lead Lag Control

Lead-Lag Controllers

Available for AC units only, lead-lag controllers are designed to balance the operating run time between two AC units. To avoid down time on critical installations, two units each capable of providing 100% of the cooling are installed. The lead-lag controller operates one unit at a time sequencing their on & off times to prolong unit life.

Eubank Supply Return Grilles

Return & Supply Grilles

Exact fit inside grilles for Eubank AC & heat pump units. Available in white color only.

Eubank Pleated Filter

2” Pleated Filters

Increase air filtration with a 2” pleated filter. Fits into the same space as the standard 1” disposable filter.

Eubank Wall Mount Thermostat

Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat

Digital non-programmable thermostat from Eubank can be configured for either auto changeover or manual operation. Lockout features protect the settings from being changed without a password. Thermostat is 24 VAC with an LCD display and a blue/green backlight. Dimensions are 6”W x 4”H x 1.5”D in white.

Order 454329 for heat/cool or 454328 for heat pump.

Low Ambient Package

Controls the head pressure in low outdoor temperature conditions. Head pressure is artificially increased to maintain enough high side pressure to keep the low pressure side high enough to avoid causing a freeze up on the evaporator coil.

3 Ton Back Plate for 4 & 5 Ton Models

Allows replacement of a 3 ton unit with a 4 or 5 ton unit. Back plate aligns the existing return and supply vents in the installation with a 4 or 5 ton unit.

Hot Gas Re-Heat

Maintains desired humidity levels in a high humidity environment. When re-heat mode is activated, it operates between air conditioning cycles diverting hot compressor discharge gas to a re-heat coil directly behind the evaporator coil. The system is designed to be controlled by a conventional indoor thermostat with a humidity control.

Coated Coils

Coils can be coated for protection against corrosive attack. For use in areas such as factories where chemicals are present or near salt water.

White or Gray Optional Unit Color

External unit color is available in optional white or gray color. Optional colors feature a G90 galvanized steel substrate, urethane primer and color coat with an industry leading total thickness of 1 mil. Standard color is Mesa Tan.