Coleman-Mach Climate Control Accessories are designed to expand the use and function of Coleman-Mach air conditioners and heat pumps. Now every owner of a Coleman-Mach air conditioner can enhance the comfort and enjoyment they experience with continuing benefits to equipment longevity.

iWave Assembly 


The iWave-M is a compact ion-generating bar – the same technology being used in hospitals and schools – that emits positive and negative ions as air flows past, purifying the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts.

  • Certified ozone free o Effectively kills pathogens
  • Perfect for occupiable spaces
  • Operates with the air conditioner control
  • Kills bacteria and virus spores
  • Kills airborne mold
  • Prevents odors (cooking, Pets, VOCs)
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Removes pet and cooking odors
  • Controls allergens o Keeps air conditioner coil cleaner

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