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Are you considering buying a new rooftop air conditioner or, are you dissatisfied with the NOISE of your existing rooftop system?  Looking to replace it with something quieter?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, Coleman-Mach can help with the NEW Mach 10 NDQ (Non-Ducted Quiet) rooftop air conditioner.  This unit is the FIRST in our QUIET SERIES of Coleman-Mach NDQ (Non-Ducted Quiet) and DQ (Ducted Quiet) rooftop air conditioners and heat pumps expertly designed to deliver superior cooling performance with the added benefits of operational noise reduction.  Truly RV industry EXCLUSIVES.

Making everyone a "happy camper" can be a challenge sometimes, but keeping it comfortable and QUIET is no problem for the MACH 10 NDQ. Trust us - not all environments are created equally, so it's important for us to to offer a unique series of effective, efficient and QUIET air conditioners. No matter Coleman-Mach Quiet Series model you choose, you'll enjoy the quiet, efficient cooling - undisturbed from the moment you turn it on.

  • Watch TV in peace!
  • Listen to music without blasting it through the speakers.
  • Enjoy conversations with family or campsite neighbors again.
  • No more yelling over your air conditioner.
  • Reclaim your inner peace and truly enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer - quietly!

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The Fit RV Makes the Switch

Check out the video from The Fit RV with Stef and James.

"This is the fourth Air Conditioner we've had on our RV, Lance - and it's the quietest one yet!  See and hear the swap!"

If The Fit RV Video does not work with your browser, CLICK HERE.

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Natural light and fresh air - the basic fundamentals to the richness of our individual lives and our unique living environments.  Light and fresh air create within us a variety of moods that often make any surrounding an oasis.

While enjoying time with family, neighbors or just simply relaxing, MAXXAIR's new SKYMAXX Series of skylights can add so much function, drama, balance and ventilation to any environment.

Natural light makes small spaces feel open and free.

Create drama in any space.

Bring the balance and harmony of nature indoors.

With the ability to open the SKYMAXX, create a cooling effect and bring fresh air throughout your RV.

Create more opportunities for natural light without sacrificing privacy.

The SKYMAXX is available in two sizes: SKYMAXX and SKYMAXX LX.  Both sizes are offered with or without 12V LED accent lighting.  All models come with a screen and shade that can either be:

  • Fully Open
  • Screen Only
  • Shade Only
  • 1/2 Shade and 1/2 Screen
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