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Maxxair-Mach Air Conditioner

Taking a holistic look at energy use, engineers at Coleman-Mach and Maxxair devised product lines that not only use energy efficiently for EV applications, they are also built to enhance the overall energy efficiency of recreational vehicles. The Maxxair-Mach Air Conditioner is the lightest available roof top AC in its category while the Coleman-Mach 8 Ultra Low-Profile shroud leads in aerodynamics and their new DC direct air conditioners are saving battery life by up to 20%. After all, when your home is on wheels; drag, weight and battery life are major considerations when planning just how long and how far you can go off-grid. Learn more about EV friendly products by clicking on the links below or contact us today to speak with our team of AC experts.

AXL-MXR_441X3-656 and 441X1-656 INTL Heat Pump_Side-Front Angle

Maxxair Mach 1.7 KW | 32,5 kg
Maxxair Mach 2.4 KW | 36 kg
Maxxair Mach 3.1 KW | 37 kg

1.7 Kw | 1030x660x260 mm
2.4 Kw | 1030x660x260 mm
3.1 Kw | 1030x660x260 mm

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Remote Control via Bluetooth

3 Speeds and Night Mode

Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

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