Airxcel, Inc. to Unveil 25 New Products at RVX

Mar 12, 2019, 13:08 PM by Keith Walker

Airxcel, Inc. today announced it will be showcasing 25 brand new products for the RV market at RVX The RV Experience in Salt Lake City.

This showcase of innovative products includes the enhanced line of Suburban’s newly designed Elite Series of ranges, range vent hoods and new microwaves.  In addition, as the exclusive North American distributor of CAN Leisure Products, Suburban will be displaying four new high-end cooking appliances and a flush mount sink from CAN Leisure.  “The kitchen is the focal point for any RV and Suburban’s new designs are both beautiful and functional.  We understand the essential role of the kitchen so we offer stylish designs that can make almost anyone a master chef” said Art Klee, President of Suburban.

RV Products is also unveiling new products beginning with the Coleman-Mach branded 48vdc air-conditioner, Diagnostic Digital Thermostat, and a Bluetooth ceiling assembly.   New products also include the Maxxair branded Skylights, a new 6” lighted bath fan, and a motion sensor mini vent.  “The best companies are always looking for new products and we encourage our engineers to constantly seek to raise the bar with our product offerings” stated Rob Leach, President of RV Products.

Dicor Products will debut its two new roofing membranes, Crossflex and Tufflex.  Crossflex is the first synthetic thermoplastic membrane that provides 3X   the puncture resistance of competitive membranes.  Tufflex is a flexible PVC membrane that is lightweight and puncture resistant.  Dicor’s United Shade subsidiary, will also be showing several new window coverings such as a zebra shade, a cordless pleated shade and a roman shade.  MCD will be unveiling a new slim 17mm roller shade.  “When we develop products, rather than starting with an idea we like to start with the customer so all of these new products are what customers have been asking for” commented Anthony Wollschlager, President of Dicor Corporation and MCD. 

“We get beyond the slogans and mantras and structure a product development process that places the customer ahead of everything else” said Kevin Phillips, President of the Airxcel RV Group.  “RV customers today expect and deserve the very best products in their RVs.  By constantly developing new products we deliver new forms of value to all our customers”, said Phillips.

Stop by the Airxcel booth #1319 at the Salt Palace during the RV Experience to see what’s new. 


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