Maxxair adds Mini Vent, Mini Vent Plus and Mini Vent Deluxe to Product Line

Oct 23, 2018, 13:02 PM by Keith Walker

ELKHART, Ind. - Maxxair, an Airxcel brand, continues to offer solutions to some of the00-003700, 00-003801 Mini Vent Hood-White_Main most vexing RV ventilation problems. Introducing the Maxxair Mini Vent, Mini Vent Plus and the Maxxair Mini Vent Deluxe - three low profile ventilation products that protect an RV’s interior from rain, bugs and debris when open or closed. 

All have built-in bug/debris screens on the interior panel and on the exterior vent cover. The screens can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. They easily install in any 14” x 14” opening and eliminate the need to install a separate vent cover.

“They provide a seamless, low-profile appearance,” Steve Gokie, Director of Aftermarket Sales for Maxxair said. “The angled slats on the exterior vent hood prevent moisture from entering while allowing odors and stale air to escape,” he said.

“The Maxxair Mini Vent is perfect for non-powered bathroom and galley vents while the Mini Vent Deluxe was designed for powered bathroom and galley exhaust fans.  The Mini Vent Deluxe also features ‘Cool White’ LED lighting that can be operated by a wall switch or with an optional motion sensor. It’s a game changer.” Gokie added. 

The Mini Vent Plus features a fan but is available to OEM’s only. All Maxxair Mini Vent, Maxxair Vent Plus, Maxxair Mini Vent Deluxe models are available in black and white exterior vent hood colors.

Maxxair branded vents are produced by RV Products, a division of Airxcel and are recognized as a leader in ventilation products worldwide.


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